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Wedding planning: The Rustic/Boho Wedding

Finding a theme that encompasses you and your partners relationship and style can be tricky at the best of times. There are so many different ways to go; with vintage, boho and rustic themes proving to be of the most popular styles throughout 2014- 2015. Rustic/boho wedding themes focus on natural elements and more of a DIY approach in comparison to the traditional wedding day attire.

Venue & Decorations

Swapping churches for gardens, barns and hinterlands- rustic style weddings are becoming more popular as they focus more on the natural side of romance and love without all the excess trimmings and decadence of traditional wedding themes.


In saying this, rustic weddings can still capture traditional wedding elegance, but in contrast, contributes more of a relaxed atmosphere for not only the bride and groom, but their guests as well.

Mason jars, fairy lights, lanterns, hay stacks, natural woods and concepts are used in variations to create this romantic half indoor/outdoor wedding approach.

Hair & Makeup

Hair and make up for rustic weddings encapsulates the idea of natural, soft and romantic styles- seeing lots of soft waves, braids, loose upstyles with twists, plaits and low buns, along with make up being as natural as possible with light eyeshadows, pastel/peachy tones and soft lip colours.

Below are some variations of curls that can be created that fit with the rustic vintage theme. Obviously, there are many different types of curls you can achieve depending on your hair type and length, but the pictures below are a guide of some of the most popular styles I have been asked to do over the last year.


Aside from natural curls, as mentioned above, soft upstyles incorporating braids, twists and plaits have dominated wedding hair in 2013, and continue to do so in 2014/2015. Softly swept off the face, although still lightly hanging around the jaw and over the ear, suit most face shapes and allow to have hair off your face for convenience, yet still soft, natural and delicate.

Braids can be at the front of the face, featured prominently across the back of the design, or softly added as a minor detail to add difference to traditional low buns. Twists and rolls act as features that incorporate a more vintage feel into the hairstyle.


Flower arrangements move away from traditional bouquets featuring tulips and roses and feature more of the earth in each arrangement- including grasses, reeds and unique flowers.

The colour schemes are different, with some arrangements only featuring natural colours, although with others- yellow, pink and purple reeds and flowers are featured to complement the natural greens in the bouquet.

Bridesmaid Dresses

If you are looking at what colours to have for bridesmaid dresses, or complementary tones to add to reception decor, arrangements and invites- think natural colours. Pastel and lighter tones work best with the natural early colours of wood, hay, grass and trees. Peachy colours, soft blues, yellows, pinks and purples work best with the rustic wedding theme as they complement rustic decor colours nicely.

I hope that I have inspired you, or assisted you in some way in the journey of creating your special day!

By: Bella Hunting
Owner & Master Hairstylist | Isabella Jane Hairstyling

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